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carbon orthoses with neurotronic joints

carbon orthoses with neurotronic joints

Following our long-term partnership with Fior & Gentz, we are glad to inform that we have been certified to produce pre-preg carbon KAFOs with sophisticated Neuro-tronic/Neuro-matic joint system. The first patient was served with such KAFO this December.

NEURO TRONIC is an automatic electronically locking system knee joint. The joints are activated by the pressure sensor in the foot piece of the orthosis. When standing or walking with the orthosis, pressure is applied to the sensor in the foot piece and the NEURO TRONIC system knee joint is locked. A slight extension moment during heel off (terminal stance) unlocks the system knee joint. With the remote control the joint functions can be adjusted.

NEURO TRONIC is used for these indication: neurological knee instabilities e.g. poliomyelitis, apoplexy, multiple sclerosis.