Welcome to Ortho Baltic! We develop & produce high quality custom-made products for foot with focus on individual orthopaedic footwear and pre-preg orthoses
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Ortho Baltic develops innovative patient care systems, new orthopaedic products, individual (mass customized) production as well as logistic systems. Ortho Baltic employs highly skilled engineers who enhance their qualification within more than a decade of work in the Research & Development Department. In the R&D Department a mass customization technologies, based on the human body-scanning, digital processing and the materialization using advanced CNC equipment are created.

Since 2005, when the R&D department was set up, the projects of Doctor Shoe & Shoe Metrics and the Ortho Baltic web logistic system Dispatch were completed successfully. R&D department took part in the international project INNOFOOT. One of the results of Innofoot is a system that was developed to significantly improve the diagnostic evaluation of patients and the prescription as well as development of shoe/insole solutions by providing orthopaedic technicians and chiropodists with IT tools to access task-specific knowledge and to exchange information with other players (peer, patients, companies, etc.). This system is referred to as the Knowledge Management System (KMS).

Recently, Ortho Baltic was participating in the international project A FOOTPRINT (www.afootprint.eu). Led by Glasgow Caledonian University, A-FOOTPRINT was a four-year project with the aim of developing novel ankle and foot orthoses for common disabling conditions which are cost-effective and personalised for form and function. Funded under the 7th Framework Programme in the Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies Cooperation Work Programme, the project had an overall budget of €5.32m. The consortium comprised 13 partners across seven European countries. With a strong focus on research for the direct benefit of SMEs, the consortium partners are AnyBody Technology from Denmark, Firefly Orthoses Limited from Ireland, Junquera y Diz S.L from Spain, Peacocks Medical Group from the UK, RSScan Limited from Belgium, and UAB Ortho Baltic from Lithuania.




Ortho Baltic's R&D staff are experts in:

  • 3D scanning
  • CAD modelling
  • CAM processing
  • CNC milling (3-5 axis)
  • Plastic technologies
  • Carbon fiber pre-preg technologies
  • Production management
  • New products development