Welcome to Ortho Baltic! We develop & produce high quality custom-made products for foot with focus on individual orthopaedic footwear and pre-preg orthoses
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About us

Started in 2001 Ortho Baltic has grown into one of the biggest producers of individual orthopaedic devices in Europe.

Whole company‘s activity is about custom-made products for foot. We combine the expertise of footwear technicians, footwear engineers-technologists, physicians, orthopaedists, and IT engineers. The modern technologies such as human body scan, computer designing of production forms, CAM carving and our own unique business management software are employed.

Our clients, B2B companies, are offered the complete solution for serving their own patients that includes our know-how, on line ordering system, all stages of design and production, quick service and possibility to use our 3D lower limb scanning systems. By offering the execution of all production stages in one company – guaranties a perfect final result, since the requirements for the entire production cycle are known from the very beginning.

Ortho Baltic started from production of bespoke orthopaedic footwear which is now known of its functionality and precise fit. Individual orthopaedic footwear is still our main product with capacity of 10,000 pairs per year. We perform at all stages of footwear design and production, starting from last development till complete finishing of  shoes. Every two years a new footwear model catalogue is launched and innovative shoe technology improvements are offered to the market. Standing out with a custom-made footwear brand i-wear®, Ortho Baltic is now targeting customers not only with particular medical problems, but everyone who takes care of personal health, comfort as well as value individuality.

In 2002 our company, one of the first in Europe, started producing drop-foot orthosis using pre-preg technology. Easy Walk®, the brand of pre-preg carbon fibre products, is already well known in the market. The whole product range - from ordinary FO’s (Foot Orthosis) to complicated KAFO’s (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis) is available. We also produce individual carbon fibre insoles for diabetic patients and ankle fixation systems, that are put inside the orthopaedic footwear. Due to their exceptional physical features, these products are the sample of exclusive quality and conformability.

Ortho Baltic's R&D department constantly develops and launches new innovative products that allow us to be a step ahead.

99% of Ortho Baltic’s products go for export: most European countries - Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Scandinavia, Finland and others. Furthermore we successfully produce custom-made products for customers in the Middle East, Australasia and other remote places.

Next to above, Ortho Baltic has Ortho Clinics in Lithuania and Europe. The medical staff is constantly involved in medical research, gathers feedback from the patients, and offers the improvements of the products.

Our mission: To develop innovative patient-specific medical devices and medical-knowledge-based technologies by shifting from the standard applied-to-everyone treatment solutions to personalized healthcare.

Our vision: To become the leader of Industry 4.0 in mass production of individually tailored medical devices. To develop new smart medical devices and artificial intelligence technologies in order to support the mass-customization business model and to monitor performance and clinical environment of the medical devices developed by the company.