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Easy Walk® AFO10F made from pure carbon fibre is the newest model in the line. It is designed to maximize ankle support and provide optimal biomechanical gait cycle.

This dynamic ankle-foot orthosis allows patient to have medial-lateral control of the foot and ankle complex due to strong lateral fixation of lower leg.

Due to the specific design of the support strut that allows maximum lateral support during the gait, major usual for pre-preg items energy return in this orthosis is carried out by the flexible footplate.

Easy Walk® AFO-10F Fixation


  • severe foot-drop
  • severe ankle instabilities
  • spasticity
  • foot and calf extensors after operation
  • proprioceptive deficit
  • ankle arthritis


  • calf varicose
  • inflammatory lesions of calf skin
  • oedema
  • mental diseases

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