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Ortho Baltic become a winner of "Industry 4.0 Star 2019" awards

Ortho Baltic become a winner of "Industry 4.0 Star 2019" awards

The fourth international conference "Make Industry 4.0 Real" dedicated to industrial engineering was held in Kaunas. During the event the award ceremony was held for the first time where Ortho Baltic was announced the winner of the "Industry 4.0 star 2019" competition in the category of small and medium enterprises!

Ortho Baltic applies mass-customization business model and specializes in design and manufacturing of medical devices for the treatment of rare and complex clinical conditions. Ortho Baltic industrially designs and manufactures personalized medical devices: 3D printed patient-specific implants (hip, jaw, cranial), disposable surgical guides, as well as orthopedic devices: limb prostheses, orthoses for limbs, spine and neck, orthopaedic footwear.

In the category of large companies "Industry 4.0 star 2019" title was awarded to “Baltik vairas” (Šiauliai). Internet voters and people at the conference determined that the prize of public sympathy was dedicated to "Peikko Lietuva" which supplies a large selection of concrete connections and composite beams for both precast and cast-in-situ solutions in a wide variety of applications.

Companies that have already implemented digital solutions in manufacturing process (automation, robotisation, technology digitization, IT systems, cyber security, etc.), as well as those who have already implemented resource management, operational production management systems, digital engineering or work places digitization solutions were invited to participate in the competition.

A total of sixteen Lithuanian companies submitted applications to participate in the competition, of which 7 were selected for the final stage. Three companies competed in the category of small and medium enterprises, four more – in large enterprises’ category.

The international conference and award ceremony were organized by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK), the Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association LINPRA and the National Association of Information and Communication Technologies INFOBALT.

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