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Ortho Baltic introduced the latest news at OTWorld Congress

Ortho Baltic introduced the latest news at OTWorld Congress

The OTWorld Congress is the largest and the most important event in the world for orthopedic professionals. Alongside with the Congress the exhibition is being held where world premieres and technological innovations in the area of ​​orthopedics are presented. On 15-18th of May Ortho Baltic team participated at the event in Leipzig, Germany, and presented the latest individual orthopedic footwear design solutions.

The orthopedics are increasingly measuring the digital future shirt, so the four day event was full of technological innovations. More and more important 3D printing becomes on both prosthetic and implantable systems. Also, rehab technology, compression therapy and orthopedic footwear technology news has been delivered.

What is called the future is already either used or produced by the Ortho Baltic company. Ortho Baltic team introduced 3D printed insoles and 3D prosthetic covers at the exhibition. The latter have been very well spotted by the visitors because of it‘s eye-catching design, unique and functional structures, made with 3D printing technology.

Ortho Baltic team introduced the latest addition to the Easy Walk® range of carbon fibre AFOs, this time dedicated to the youngest patients – AFO KITE.  The new orthoses is made using Pre-preg technology and is designed for comfortable and full-fledged youngest patients‘ life.

Whats is more, visitors got acquainted with the new 2018-2020 collection of individual orthopedic footwear models and a renewed portfolio of leathers. As well as laser engraving and embroidery possibilities and NFC identification chips.

Ortho Baltic team has not only strengthened its relationships with existing customers, but has also established new contacts for productive cooperation in the near future.